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Hot Fuzz by Littleivy25
Hot Fuzz

I mean, I could go with some sort of deluxe pun, sure (Hop Fuzz??) but “Hot Fuzz” is already fitting enough.
Tribute to my two top fav movies, which both happen to be unorthodox buddy cop flicks featuring a Nicholas. 

Scaredy Cat by Littleivy25
Scaredy Cat
Dang, haven't updated DA in a while! I've been super busy with a bunch of other projects, but convention season is coming around again, so I'm bound to have more stuff to upload here. 

I've also got a bunch of assorted smaller sketches that I could post, but would you guys want them all posted individually?? Or maybe in one big sketch dump thing?? Lemme know! 

Anyway though, I'm definitely into all sorts of various cartoons so expect content to vary a little occassionally. 

A Lion doodle for NormalEvan!

I imagine that this big etheral majestic all-powerful magical beast is still a ‘fraidy-cat for vacuum cleaners and like, lemons or something. 

“Oh, for the love of….Steven, he’s on top of the fridge again.”

Pony pins! by Littleivy25
Pony pins!
Just realized I never actually uploaded any of these!

These are the buttons and bottle openers I've been taking to conventions! I try and add a couple more for each new con I go to. 
The bottle openers have saved more than a couple room parties, I've heard, haha. 

If you're curious about purchasing them, email me at! I'm totally down with mailing them out. The buttons are $2 (3 for $5) and the bottle openers are $6. 
ManeSwap: Rarity and Sweetie Belle by Littleivy25
ManeSwap: Rarity and Sweetie Belle

Rarity/Sweetie Belle mane swap!

After Rarity spends an afternoon giving Sweetie a new look, Sweetie takes the reins, teasing and boasting about how good of a “Rarity” she can be. Watch the split ends! And that hairspray’s not cheap! Oh, geez. 

I…think that’s all of the siblings I can mane-swap, though. Gotta think of something new for the next one! 

You can also check out my main swaps for the Pies, the Apples, and the Sparkles too!

Apologies for the spammer on my profile/images! You know how DA is with handling these things. If you get messages from them, simply block the accounts and move along. Sorry again!


I’ve had soooo many messages recently asking for commissions, and I’m gonna experiment with a new way of taking them! 

In the past, I just opened up for slots and made it first-come-first-serve. This lead to slots being gone in minutes, with people upset they weren’t online at just the right time. This is tryin’ to fix that and open up more opportunities to actually get art for me! Which is hard, since i can only draw for a couple of the thousands of you at a time, but I TRY

So check out THIS GOOGLE DOC, which has all the information you need on it to request a commission from me!…

Be sure to read it all! Hopefully this works in a good direction to help both me and my customers/commissioners be happy. Thank you!

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LabyrinthMaster Featured By Owner Edited May 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude! Nice artwork!
I'm very interested in buying some of your pins in the future when I'll have the money (I'm a collector)! I come from France, and I dougt I'll ever be able to go to a brony con in the US.
Do you still sell them online and are you okay about shipping to Europe? 
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